ABC Buggy

ABC Adventure Buggy Adapts As Your Family Grows

To Begin; ABC Adventure Buggy Everest Single or Twin Buggy

Your next baby arrives; Add a toddler seat to your ABC Buggy - your older child can use the seat up to 18 kg, or new Reclining Toddler Seat up to 25 kg.
Younger children are able to use non-reclining Toddler Seat from approx 12 months old. New Reclining Toddler Seat is suitable from birth.

When your older child no longer requires the use of the Toddler Seat your ABC buggy easily reverts back to being a fantastic single or twin buggy by simply removing the toddler seat

ABC Adventure Buggy - Reclining Newborn/Toddler Seat attaches to the ABC Buggy for Twin, Triplet and Quad Prams