About Us

Go bubba go online baby store all started by chance… when my second daughter was born I spent nights searching the internet for a pram that would give me the freedom of walking with my two girls. As an active mother, I wanted a pram that could “go the distance” but would also be comfortable for my two beautiful little girls.

That’s when go bubba go was born, with the help of some dear friends.

Although Go Bubba Go initially started with one specialized product we have now grown and continue to expand with what we believe to be exceptional quality products for your bubs on the go.

As the name suggests, ‘go bubba go’ stocks a range of products that we believe will help parents continue to live an active life, along with products that are simply a “must-have”. We look for products with unique design, quality materials, and multi purpose features that can adapt to the needs of your family, value for money and most
importantly safety.

We have confidence in the quality of the products we stock, so you can have confidence when purchasing from go bubba go. Our aim is to provide products to enhance or simplify the joy of parenting and bring them all together in an easy “hassle-free” shopping experience.

Like most mums, I love to shop but don’t love going to the shops (with the kids). As most parents know, children and shopping don’t always mix well. Now you can shop online at go bubba go anytime that suits you. Life with little ones can be simple and stress free. Just like shopping at go bubba go! And with the hours you’ve saved, enjoy a walk out in the sunshine and play in the park. Ooh, and don’t forget the take-away coffee. That’s how life with little ones should be!


Leanne Boyd