Frequently asked Questions

Is the top mounted toddler seat safe; will the pram tip up?

The top fitting toddler seat was developed especially to safely attach to the ABC Everest Buggy. We haven't had any safety concerns with the top-mounted seats, and we believe that the latest design top fitting toddler seat is more than ever a safe and sensible option on level ground.

The top mounted toddler seat is in fact much safer and easier to use than most front mounted toddler seats. This is due to the weight displacement being over the two back wheels. Front mounted toddler seats can cause tipping or unbalancing on a three wheel buggy.

NOTE: The toddler seat is required to rest against the top of the buggy frame for correct balance and stability. The toddler seat must be positioned directly over the buggies rear wheels.

Is there a weight limit for toddlers in the toddler seat?

Yes, the limit is 18 kilograms for Static Toddler Seat. Reclining Toddler Seat suitable for newborns upto 25kg child.

What are the dimensions of your buggies?

Single buggy: 110cm long (without front wheel), 130cm (front wheels on), Folded flat height is approx. 25cm, 63cm wide, and 10kg weight.

Twin buggy: 110cm long (without front wheels), 130cm (front wheels on), Folded flat height is approx. 25cm 74cm wide, and 15kg weight.

Does the Everest lay horizontal for newborns?

It does not lay fully horizontal. However, it lays at 15 degrees off 180 (horizontal).This position is safe, and we believe preferred for newborns.

What type of brake does the buggy have?

Every buggy is required to have a braking system. The ABC brake is made of steel and firmly grips the tyres for 100% confidence, and is the only type which permits stride comfort (won't kick the back of the buggy) - as there is no bar connecting the rear wheels or obstruction caused by the more familiar type of brake found on most mass-produced (plastic) products.

How easy are your buggies to assemble and collapse?

You can view just how easy it is by clicking here file size: 988 kb (a single buggy), or here file size: 213 kb (a twin buggy) (Clicking on the above link will open the multimedia file in an external player. If you do not have a player installed on your computer, you can download one of these free players by clicking on a button).

How easily will one of your buggies fit into the boot of my car?
Our buggies collapse to a compact size. You can easily take off one or all three wheels if you need to. You'll see how easy it is to fit an Adventure Buggy Company buggy into your car by viewing this movie (file size: 733 kb). (Clicking on the above link will open the multimedia file in an external player).

Do you have any instructions for using these buggies correctly?

You can read the instructions for the ABC Adventure Buggy, the below files are .pdf files. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to read them:

Instructions for single buggies
Instructions for twin buggies

(Clicking on any of the above links will open the .pdf file in Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it by clicking on the button immediately below).

I have seen some prams with a second front wheel fitted for extra stability. Can you tell me more about this?

We provide a 4-wheel conversion kit. This includes a spreader bar and 4th wheel. This provides complete stability, especially if you want to traverse over uneven ground. You still need common sense on where you will safely take your two children, but generally the 4 wheels provide ample stability.

The top fitting toddler seat was developed to permit use of a toddler seat without the 4-wheel conversion kit. Prior to this development we sold the kit and seat as a combined kit.

Are the twin toddler seats safe to use with only one toddler in them and therefore on one side of the pram rather than in the centre as they would be with the single toddler seat?

The Dbl-Twin toddler seat (Reclining or static) is stable and safe to be used with one toddler/child in only one side.

What is the height of the Reclining Toddler/Newborn Seat when fitted to the ABC Buggy?

The height of the Reclining Toddler Seat attached to the ABC Buggy is: 145cm with canopy up / down, 130cm with canopy removed.